Sunday, 12 February 2017

Burnley's tactics was spot on against Chelsea

It is no coincidence that Burnley secured a draw against Chelsea earlier today.

Burnley's tactics spot on against Chelsea
They have the third best home record in the League with 29 points from their 30 league points coming  at home.

Burnley conceded early on in the game from a Chelsea counter attack, Moses found Pedro with a nice pass, Pedro duly converted.

Burnley got the equalizer from a Fantastic freekick by Robbie Brady after Matic fouled Joey Barton. the Irishman bent the ball over the wall to the keeper's top right hand corner.

Kudos to Sean Dyce he got his tactics right, he showed with the following you can get something off Chelsea :

Stick to what you are good at

Other teams tried to mirror Chelsea's 3-4-3 formation to defeat the league leaders only Tottenham suceeded, Leceister failed woefully, Burnley stuck to their 4-4-2 formation with their wingers dropping deep to defend, they denied Chelsea clear cut Chances in the second half. Instead Burnley had more opportunities to win the game with 4 shots on target compared to Chelsea's '2.'

Deny Kante and Matic time on the ball

Joey Barton and Ashley Westwood did a good job disrupting Kante and Matic denying them time to dictate the tempo of the game,  by doing this Burnley denied Hazard and Pedro sufficient Services from midfield, and Diego Costa was isolated up front,  same as what Tottenham did against Chelsea a match Spurs won 2-0.

Relentless pressing

Liverpool and Tottenham did this against Chelsea few weeks back, by Harrying this Chelsea team you deny them the time and space to dictate the tempo of the game. Burnley Covered more distance 121Km, won more individual tackles, Joey Barton with 5 tackles, had more shots on target '4'.

Other teams in the League will look at this performance and try to replicate it against the league leaders.

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