Friday, 24 February 2017

Spurs midfielder Dele Alli apologised for red card tackle

Tottenham Hotspurs midfielder Dele Alli apologised to team-mates and Gent midfielder Brecht Dejaegere for his horrific tackle as Tottenham crashed out of the Europa league.

dele Alli apologised to team-mates and Gent midfielder
The 20 year old was given a red card in the 39th minute following his horrific tackle on the Gent midfielder.

Tottenham lost the first match away from home 1-0, they needed to win by two goals. Alli's red card made the task more difficult.

The game ended 2-2, with goals from Eriksen and Victor Wanyama. Harry Kane scored an own goal and Jeremy Perbet's late equalizer  for Gent sealed Tottenham's fate.

Dejaegere said : "Dele Alli just said sorry to me and that's nice from him, he's a professional,"

"We're okay, it's football. I saw the images and it could have been much worse. I don't think he meant it because he came to apologise himself."

Dejaegere was substituted in the 56th minute when he could not continue with the game.

Dejaegere said: "At half-time I felt pain in my knee and also someone showed me the image and then my heart was thumping for a few seconds.

"I tried (to play on) because you are at Wembley in front of so many people, but then I had pain so I had to stop.

"The red card made a big difference because even with 10 they found a free man, but with 11 they would have had even one more. I think it also made a difference in the heads of the players."

His team-mate Toby Alderweireld also confirmed he apologised to his team-mates. He said: "Of course he said sorry. He didn't mean to get sent off."

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