Monday, 6 March 2017

Who should win the PFA player of the year award?

The pfa player of the year award goes to that exceptional player who has been outstanding all season. Leceister city attacker Riyad Mahrez won the award last season.

pfa player of the year
There are lots of exceptional players in the league this season, playing well week-in-week-out, scoring vital goals for their respective clubs. at the end of the season i think the players listed below should be considered for the pfa player of the year award.

The Chelsea attacker had a terrible season last season, many would say he was hampered by injuries, he scored just four goals compared to the 14 he scored in Chelsea's title winning season.

Hazard has been instrumental to Chelsea's success so far this season.

He is playing well in Antonio Conte's 3-4-2-1 formation. This formation has given him the freedom to attack at will, he has scored vital goals for Chelsea this season.

With Exceptional performances every week, he has 14 goals in the league already.

The Spaniard is Chelsea's goal machine this season with 17 goals.

He is playing well under Antonio Conte this season. with his off the ball work also impressive. though he has suffered a dip in form recently.

He has also learnt to keep his temper in check, no more silly red cards. He has channeled his anger into his game scoring wonderful goals to keep Chelsea at the top of the EPL table.

Costa is vital to Chelsea winning the league this season. With his strength, finishing and ability to score vital goals. If he keeps banging in the goals Chelsea will definitely win the League.

When i watch him play i wonder if he runs on rechargeable batteries.

With his energy and relentless running Kante is definitely the Key to Chelsea's success so far.

He won the league with Leceister city last season, he was outstanding in midfield and vital to Claudio Ranieri's side.

He has carried that form to shore up Chelsea's midfield displacing Oscar and Mikel Obi in the starting line-up.

Kante is a Specialist in tackling and interceptions. He is also a good passer of the ball.

At the end of the season i think Kante should win this award. he is too consistent to not win the PFA award.

He recently won the London player of the year Award.

The Everton striker is in spectacular form this Season. Bullying defenders and consistently putting the ball at the back of the net.

The Belgian has really Improved since his move from Chelsea.

Lukaku is a tricky player to mark he is strong, can dribble and his finishing is good.

He is vital to Everton's pursue of European football next season.

He has scored 23 goals in the League so far currently the top scorer in the League.

The 35 year old is Manchester United best player this season, Scoring vital goals for the club.

He won the community shield and recently the League Cup scoring winning goals in those matches.

His influence in Mourinho's team is immense. He has contributed more than just goals, he consistently creates goal scoring opportunities for his team-mates.

He has 17  goals and 5 assists this season.

The Tottenham striker has once again proved he is one of the best strikers in the League. With 19 goals so far in the EPL, he was injured recently but he is back.

The 23 year old is a good finisher and is deadly with his long range shots, he is also good with his head.

His goals is the main reason Tottenham are second on the EPL table.

He is Arsenal best player this season despite their inconsistency.

His 18 goals and 9 assists has made sure Arsenal are still in the race for a top four finish.

The 28 year old is a good finisher, dribbler and also good with final passes.

He has been Arsenal's go-to-guy this season, without his goals Arsenal will definitely be lower than their current position on the EPL table.

The youngster is one of the most in form players in the English league this season, Scoring vital goals for Spurs this season. His 2 goals against Chelsea ended their unbeaten run.

Dele Alli's aggressive style of play, always challenging for every ball, his relentless running has aided Tottenham's challenge for the league this season.

Alongside Harry Kane his form has been Fantastic this season, he has 16 goals in the League.

He won the player of the month for the month of January.

Who do you think should win this award??  Use the comment box below.


  1. i think kante should be given that award, the guy is a beast. he has been consistent since he was at leceister city.

  2. Harry kane deserves it. he is a goal machine