Thursday, 25 May 2017

Barcelona's Lionel Messi Sentenced To Jail For Tax Fraud

Messi Sentenced To Jail For Tax Fraud

The Spanish Supreme court has confirmed Barcelona Superstar Lionel Messi will be imprisoned for 21 months for Tax Fraud.

Although he won't stay in jail as Prison terms for first offences and non-violent crimes under two years can be served under probation in Spain.

Messi and his father were convicted in 2016 for defrauding Spain of £3.5 million in taxes.

At his trial in 2016 Messi denied any involvement in the crime, stating he doesn't handle his finances, he is only concerned about playing football.

His father Jorge Messi jail term was reduced from 21 months 15 months having returned a lot of the money, Messi's Sentence remain the same.

Lionel Messi will Pay a fine of £1.7 million and his father will Pay £1.1 million.

The case will now return to the court in Barcelona that handed the original sentence after the Supreme Court upheld the ruling.


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