Friday, 19 May 2017

English FA Approves Ban For Diving

FA Approves Diving ban

The FA has approved of at least two match ban for Players who dive to win a penalty or getting an opponent sent off.

This new rule was approved at the FA annual general meeting on Thursday.

An ex Manager, ex referee an an ex player will review footage of the incidents and must be in agreement before a player can be sanctioned.

FA statement reads : "This process would be similar to the one used now for a red card offence (violent conduct/serious foul play/spitting at an opponent) which was not seen at the time by the match officials but caught on camera.

"In this situation, three ex-elite match officials review all the available video footage independently of one another and then advise the FA as to whether they believe it was an offence worthy of instant dismissal.

This new rule is only applicable to incidents when a player dives to win a penalty kick or deceives the referee to get an opponent sent off.

This new rule will be implemented when the Premier League 2017-2018 season commences.


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